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Men’s Luxury Winter Jackets Made for Canadian Climate

Men’s Luxury Winter Jackets Made for Canadian Climate

The winter months shouldn’t cramp your style! Men’s luxury winter jackets are available in all shapes and sizes. These jackets give you the ability to stay warm and enjoy the Canadian climate while looking sharp. Whether you live in remote areas or in urban centres, online retailers specializing in winter outerwear provide an opportunity to shop stylish jackets inspired by the Canadian Arctic.

Inspiration Found North of the Arctic

The Inuit people have survived north of the Arctic Circle for centuries. They are credited with introducing the earliest version of the parka using coyote and seal hides coated in fish oils to prevent water penetration. The fur was used as trim on the hoods to protect the face from cross winds, preventing severe frost bite. These parkas were essential to a culture that hunted for food out in the harsh elements. Over centuries and with the introduction of synthetic materials, the parka evolved and has been used as both a functional and stylish piece of apparel. Canadians are proud to wear parkas in the winter to look good, while staying very warm! 

The main difference between a jacket and a parka is simply the length. While parkas are knee-length, jackets end at the waist. While the parka covers more body, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is warmer than a jacket. Jackets offer a great range of movement and may be more suitable for your needs and appeal to your personal style. Stylish hoods are important to finish off the look. Non-removable hoods offer more protection for the back of the neck and prevent drafts that are cold and defeat the purpose of investing in a highly insulated jacket.

Duck Down and Coyote Fur

Men’s luxury winter jackets are warmest when they are stuffed with goose or duck down. Duck down is more cost effective as it has a comparable warmth rating (or fill power,) to goose. Goose feathers aren’t as accessible as duck feathers given that duck meat and eggs are in higher demand for consumption. The feathers are collected from farms across the country and used by Canadian outfitters to insulate their high-quality parkas and bomber jackets. The best jackets on the market made in Canada use a combination of duck down and coyote fur or beaver leather. These natural materials combine to give a luxuriously warm personal environment every time you step out your door and take on the Canadian winter. Shovelling your drive way, commuting to and from work, or watching your kids play winter activities don’t have to be a chore when you are wrapped in a luxuriously warm men’s jacket inspired by indigenous Canadians.

Men’s Style Essentials for Canadian Winter

It can be hard to find the highest quality luxury jackets in local stores, especially if you live in more remote areas of the country. Shopping online at the best e-retailers is an interactive experience. It can be hard to commit to a high-ticket item without trying it on or "touching and feeling” the item. That is why top sites like Arctic Bay offers free swatches of your favourite choices online. Simply click on the sample choice and they will send you the sample. Always review an online store’s return policy to make sure you can exchange your purchase. The best online winter jacket retailers will ship for free anywhere in Canada. Stay warm this winter in style with a luxury winter jacket made with inspiration from the Inuit!

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